Commissions and Trust oath

Posted by Anthony Demma on July 14, 2012 at 1:10 AM

Hello again everybody. so today we are talking about commissions. in my  mind a commission is work that somebody asks you to make for them, by work i mean a custom action figure of a certain character. Work can be commissioned by anybody, an action figure collector who wants their favorite character or a customizer who wants a character done from sombody elses prospective. Most customizers do commissions but i dont knw about all, i know i do for my brother all the time in fact im in the process of making a superboy for him.

now back on topic i want to solemly swear that if you commission work from me that i will make it look like a figure that came right off the shelf, i promise that i will put all my effort into it as well as get it done in a reasonable time. you can trust me i will not abuse the information given to me to return the figure and i expect that i can trust you with the same. im a boyscout so honesty and trustworthyness is a part of my daily life.

Pricing now i admit my rates are a lifftle high but everyone needs money. Heres the senario you want a custom figure but you have a certain base that you want me to use, send it to me and ill do it for $30.00. on another note you dont have a base well thats when it gets expensive i charge $50.00 for this let me explain further. The $30 is the service charge most of this money will go to new paints and brushes this should be sent via paypal imediately after i email you with completed pictures of your custom. The extra $20 is for me to buy the figures that i need to complete the custom and is to be sent in advanced so i can purchase said figures. Some customs will require more money if its a big job so bare with me. you will get updated pics and sometimes some extra accessories. if i have to purchase the figures to use as a base ($50) then it will take me longer to do because i buy everything on ebay other wise it should be no more than one and a half weeks at the least.

so thats how commisssions work so hit the contact me button if you want something done.


Anthony Demma

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