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Commissions and Trust oath

Posted by Anthony Demma on July 14, 2012 at 1:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello again everybody. so today we are talking about commissions. in my  mind a commission is work that somebody asks you to make for them, by work i mean a custom action figure of a certain character. Work can be commissioned by anybody, an action figure collector who wants their favorite character or a customizer who wants a character done from sombody elses prospective. Most customizers do commissions but i dont knw about all, i know i do for my brother all the time in fact im in the process of making a superboy for him.

now back on topic i want to solemly swear that if you commission work from me that i will make it look like a figure that came right off the shelf, i promise that i will put all my effort into it as well as get it done in a reasonable time. you can trust me i will not abuse the information given to me to return the figure and i expect that i can trust you with the same. im a boyscout so honesty and trustworthyness is a part of my daily life.

Pricing now i admit my rates are a lifftle high but everyone needs money. Heres the senario you want a custom figure but you have a certain base that you want me to use, send it to me and ill do it for $30.00. on another note you dont have a base well thats when it gets expensive i charge $50.00 for this let me explain further. The $30 is the service charge most of this money will go to new paints and brushes this should be sent via paypal imediately after i email you with completed pictures of your custom. The extra $20 is for me to buy the figures that i need to complete the custom and is to be sent in advanced so i can purchase said figures. Some customs will require more money if its a big job so bare with me. you will get updated pics and sometimes some extra accessories. if i have to purchase the figures to use as a base ($50) then it will take me longer to do because i buy everything on ebay other wise it should be no more than one and a half weeks at the least.

so thats how commisssions work so hit the contact me button if you want something done.


Anthony Demma


Posted by Anthony Demma on July 13, 2012 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome to my custom showcase! this site is for you to share your work as well as view mine and request commissions from me. Im going to explain the features of this site there is the blog where i will tell you about the things i am working on and inform people of the progress i have made on their commissions. Then there is the photo section where you can upload photos and veiw my completed works and works in progress.

The next section is the forums, so far there are three sections in the forums. The first is general disscussion here you can disscuss action figure news and praise work done by customizers. keep in mind to read the rules of disscussion and keep personal oppinions of politics and moral issues off of this site. Section 2 is the rules this does not need much explanation but i will touch on the topics first there is the rules of disscussion the next topic is the commissions rules and disclaimer and the last section is trading post rules which is really more of a disclaimer. After the rules section we have the tradingpost this is where you can trade with other customizers and stuff like that but trade AT YOUR OWN RISK! as i am not responsible for the dishonesty of others. The last section of the forums is the members section here you will be able to post pictures of your work as well as works in progress this is also a place to recieve feedback and advice from other customizers. Please read all the rules they are fairly simple to follow and use this site to your advantage.

Well thats about it  i cant think of much more. The one thing i want to touch on is i am by no means the best customizer out there. i just want to share what i enjoy, also i am not trying to compete with other sites like i encourage you to use these sites as they can offer alot more than i can. 

i will leave you with this message customizing is not easy but i congradulate those of you who have the patience for it. i am fairly new to customizing myself but i take my inspiration from those who are more expirienced as you should as well.

Thank you for visiting my site i hope to see you on the membership request page.

sincerely yours,

Anthony Demma (a.k.a: John11756)